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Payment solutions empower your business to connect and transact with customers domestically or worldwide.

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Payment Solutions

Payment Pages

Start accepting payments on your website with a customized payment page.


POS solutions that are Certified and PCI Compliant.


Gain more control over your eCommerce business with a payment gateway.


API flexibility allows you to accept payments in methods customers use.

Every industry needs its own set of requirements. As a result, we offer tailored knowledge and functionality in dozens of industries.

Payment processing is vital for online businesses. It allows you to collect consumer payments, expand your reach and increase profits.
You can collect payments from customers buying in multiple ways – online, in-store, mobile, over the phone, and by various payment types.
By creating more buying options — you’ll spread a broader online transactional net while scaling your brand.
A few of the industries we work with:
  • Ecommerce
  • Education
  • E-Gaming
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • Mobility
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Spores
  • Travel

A few features...

Recurring Payments

Subscriptions and installment payments help stabilize and scale growth.

Payment Options

We offer several payment options for you to receive payments from customers.


You'll have our developers at your disposal to help with coding or integration.

Secure Payments

Secure payment processing from the transmission to storage.

Frictionless Payment Onboarding

1. Sign-Up

We have a stress-free application process.

2. Get Approved

No waiting weeks for approval. (48hrs)

3. Get Integrated

Our developers are yours if needed.

4. Get Paid

Start accepting payments.


Can New Companies or First Time merchants Apply?

New companies can apply for a merchant account. We are startup friendly and would love to help you grow your business. Use your bank statements instead of business statements when applying.

Do you have ACH Payments?

Yes, we do have unlimited ACH processing. You can handle any sizeable financial transaction quickly and easily.

Is There a monthly transaction Minimum?

No monthly minimum.

Is there a per transaction limit?

We have a per transaction limit ($800) and per card total limit ($1600 per 24 hrs).

Do I need A US bank Account?

No, you do not need a US bank account if you are not based in the USA. We work with overseas businesses as well.

What is a rolling reserve?

A rolling reserve is a percentage (10%) of your transactions set aside for chargebacks. This reserve ensures you have enough funds in your merchant account to process transactions that may have fees. Our reserve period is six months.


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